I am not an expert at anything, so maintain low expectations…

Lurking inside me has always been a frustrated writer, held back by inner doubts and negative self-talk. A fascination with concepts such as Wabi Sabi and the Zen practice of ensō has helped me realise that I need to write for my own sake and nothing else. So here I am.

Never sure how to describe myself, I’ll borrow words other’s have used in reference to me (I’m sure there are plenty of less flattering ones, but I’m trying to be positive!):

Happy – Caring – Loving – Opinionated – Empowering – Courageous – Gossip – Strong – Supportive – Loyal – Driven – Wild – Honest – Opportunistic – Funny – Overbearing – Emotional – Enthusiastic – Imperfectionist – Kind 

I’m a mum, wife, sister, friend, aunty, entrepreneur, facilitator, leader, follower, student, lover, carer, mentor, mentee, explorer and now, at last – a writer.

Tatia Power
My favourite photo of me – circa 1991